Lamp Beads Hair Growth Laser Helmet Therapy Anti-Hair-Loss Adjustable Hair Growth Cap Light Chip Hair Treatment Hat Kit

  • $249.00


1. Strong penetration, penetrate subcutaneous fat to wake up the hair follicles, and reproduce the richness and toughness of the hair.
2. Enhance and improve hair follicle blood circulation and metabolism, promote hair growth.
3. Can regulate oil secretion, nourish hair follicles, care scalp, create a good hair growth environment.
4. Intelligent timing function, 15mins, 30mins and 45mins are available for choose.
5. Brightness and energy are adjustable, you can adjust it according to need.
6. The machine emits a lot of heat during use, which can a temperature of 30-45°C, good hot compress therapy effect.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Hair Growth Instrument
Lamp Bead Quantity: 186pcs

Package List:

1 x Cap
1 x Lamp Bead Pad(186pcs Lamp Bead)


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